Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Hunt

This whole summer I've told myself I'll get out in the world and find the most amazing pieces of clothing and home items I could ever want. It hasn't happened. What am I coveting? Mostly I like things to come to me BUT these are some of the things that are haunting my shopping bone almost daily:
  • suspenders (a la brilliant little Swedish girl I saw who wore them with a baggy shirt... so good)
  • wedges with buckles or straps that contrast the skin over the bridge of my foot (too specific, you say? Why do you think I'm still searching?)
  • black and white striped shirt (why is it so difficult to find you? Shouldn't you be everywhere? So simple, so classic, and yet nowhere to be found; damn you, navy and white nautical wear)
  • chunky monotone sweater (a la perfect Prada one below)
  • something nude (the wedges of my dreams, perhaps)
  • ethnically patterned pillows
  • the perfect pair of high-waisted, pleated, and tapered work pants
  • more prints
  • more camel

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bake at 400°F for Eternity

So I’m new. If this were facebook, you would find no information about me besides my birthday (no year, DUH, don’t want no creepers knowing my tender age if they couldn’t tell from my photos already) and school. But, lucky for you, it’s not! So you’ll get to hear all my thoughts, GREAT stories, worries, and woes. And I do tell great stories (just kidding, but I never disappoint on entertainment! Never). Please return for more on fashion, what I don’t like in the world, what I do like in the world, foreigners, and me generally trying to figure out my life. Cheers! Ciao! Aloha!