Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Hunt

This whole summer I've told myself I'll get out in the world and find the most amazing pieces of clothing and home items I could ever want. It hasn't happened. What am I coveting? Mostly I like things to come to me BUT these are some of the things that are haunting my shopping bone almost daily:
  • suspenders (a la brilliant little Swedish girl I saw who wore them with a baggy shirt... so good)
  • wedges with buckles or straps that contrast the skin over the bridge of my foot (too specific, you say? Why do you think I'm still searching?)
  • black and white striped shirt (why is it so difficult to find you? Shouldn't you be everywhere? So simple, so classic, and yet nowhere to be found; damn you, navy and white nautical wear)
  • chunky monotone sweater (a la perfect Prada one below)
  • something nude (the wedges of my dreams, perhaps)
  • ethnically patterned pillows
  • the perfect pair of high-waisted, pleated, and tapered work pants
  • more prints
  • more camel

1 comment:

  1. I'm getting my hands on suspenders too :) They really do look adorable