Monday, August 2, 2010

The Formative Years: Inspiration

I didn't mean for everything on here to be about fashion, but perhaps thats where it was always headed anyways (I mean, this is only my third post so who really knows, right?). I'm trying this new thing where I write down all of my ideas (who knew that was the easiest way to remember things?) and more than half of them turn out about fashion and things that I can create. These are the formative years in which I'm trying to figure out who I am, what I want to do with myself, what I believe in. So what does it mean that I like to create? Just that, I guess.

I recently watched The Runaways. One of the things I found so inspiring about them was their fearless ability to be themselves and represent something new and different. Dakota Fanning, who played Cherie Currie, wore some wonderful outfits and just seemed to exude this desire to be her own person. In the beginning she lip-synced while dressed in an outfit inspired by David Bowie and throughout the film her costumes continued to be inspiring to me during a time when I found myself in a sort of style rut.

Its always people like Anna Dello Russo, Alexander McQueen, and the Mulleavy sisters (among many others) who remind me of why I love to create and how necessary it is to express myself that way in order to feel like myself. I realize how often I state the obvious: shouldn't I know that I should do what I like in order to feel like myself? I guess it's not always so obvious when your in the formative years. I like to think I'm pretty good at eschewing worries about what others think about me but sometimes, like everyone, I doubt my own creative eye. I wonder if it's necessary to feel this way in order to come back even better than before.

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  1. darling :) you don't need to doubt yourself in what you're doing. There's this thing that I've learnt about myself as i was growing up. You do what you love, and at one point you'll get bored of it. When you get bored- that's when you start to really learn new things and fully express yourself 100% :)
    So go out there and show the world what you've got. :) Once you're there, you're going to learn a lot. :)