Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday I took my nail polish off without reapplying a new color directly afterwards for the first time in a month and a half. It felt good. I was having a lot of fun with nail polish. I really liked the idea of people noticing that I had a different color on my nails every time I went to class (although I talked to a friend and she said she doesn't like changing the color of her nails for this very reason). But now having clean nails is incredibly appealing.

I've started wearing a watch daily in replacement of many bracelets. It's so liberating (from my phone and from relying on a not always present clock). The idea of having the time on your wrist really is ingenious (and a little obvious; so why has it taken me so long?).

Class registration is starting soon and its so wonderful to see people excited for new classes, especially at this time of year when people are often cursing the amount of work they have.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a professor who will possibly be my major advisor.

I feel cleansed of complication and ready to start...

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