Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bins of Three

Why don't more establishments have compost, recycling, and trash receptacles? I'm pretty sure most people these days know the difference between green, blue, and black and does it really take that much money effort to mark or label a plastic bin. I think not! I know many places I go where I live have bins of three but I notice that if all three are not all together in every location, people will just throw whatever they have into the closest bin (lazy, as I said, and perhaps slightly unaware or in dire need to dispose of something?). The easiest solution: bins of three in all locations! I know I will make the effort to search for the right bin or hold on to an empty bottle until I get home so I can recycle it, but most people aren't me.

Do you see bins of three where you live? I really think this is the easiest way to get the message across to lazy people who believe in being green but don't take the action to seek out ways to do it unless its right in front of them.

Note: Please don't take my attitude towards lazy people personally. As you can see, I have grown rather negative towards them but ever hopeful that they will change their ways if given the chance.

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